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The two-in-one immunity kit

The two-in-one immunity kit

The two-in-one immunity kit

With nearly a quarter of the country’s population now vaccinated, we are all slowly returning to the new normal. Offices have asked their employees to start meeting offline again, restaurants have opened, plans of getting together are finally materializing and life is slowly returning to normal. Most of us sanitize regularly, use double masks, and maintain social distance. But, with mutating strains and the new variants cropping up are you doing everything you can to give yourself an extra layer of protection?

While there are several options in the market, how do you choose the right one to supplement your immune health? More importantly, will it be 100% natural and safe for your entire family? In this blog, we will break down why probiotics are the perfect go-to option to reinforce your immune system from within.

Start with your port of entry

Did you know that your mouth has trillions of bacteria? They all work together to give protection at the port of entry to enable your body to work like a well-oiled machine. However, they are constantly being challenged by your lifestyle, the food you eat and the beverages you drink, and your hygiene. In turn, this can leave you vulnerable to infections and provide an easy entry for pathogens.

enKor-D, India’s first oral health probiotic, is the answer to this challenge. With carefully chosen probiotic strains, and loaded with 2.7 billion CFUs of good bacteria, you can achieve optimal oral health and immunity. With just 1 sachet for two weeks, enKor-D will flood your mouth and fill every crevice of your oral cavity and throat with good bacteria. They will not allow bad bacteria to set up shop in the throat and mouth.

Reinforce at the gut

Now that we have secured our primary port of entry, let us learn how to reinforce our immune system in the gut – where the primary immune education takes place. Therefore, for your immunity to be in good shape, the gut must remain balanced at all times. Wonder what we mean by this? There is a combination of good and bad bacteria in your gut, and sometimes due to your lifestyle, excessive use of antibiotics, or your environment, the number of bad bacteria increases. Even the slightest disturbance in the equilibrium of your gut can result in a weakened immune system and leave you vulnerable to infections and digestive issues.

You can also give your lungs the extra protection from within, starting from the gut. Have you heard about the gut-lung axis? When you reinforce your immune system at its core, you ensure that your body sends the right immune signals to the lungs! Good bacteria from your gut or their metabolites can travel through the mesenteric lymphatic system and modulate the lung immune response. This helps you fight incoming pathogens in the respiratory tract. The 5 billion CFUs of good bacteria in Lactogut have been specifically chosen to give you the best immunological protection. Just take Lactogut once daily for twelve weeks to ensure you have given your immune system the best protection available.

With these two products by your side and the necessary precautions, we have no doubt you will have long-lasting good health and wellness. Join the #VelbiomTribe today and be part of the probiotic revolution!
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