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Probiotic protection for antibiotic action

Probiotic protection for antibiotic action

Probiotic protection for antibiotic action

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The antibiotics we use are potent medicines discovered in the early 20th century. Since then, they have proven to be a highly effective course of treatment for bacterial diseases. The popular and excessive usage of modern antibiotics, however, has serious health implications. It often leads to antibiotic resistance leading to conditions and diseases that become near impossible for modern medicine to cure.

The consequences of excessive usage of antibiotics can be avoided simply by addressing the root cause at the microbial level; the timely use of probiotics can also help balance an upset microbiome and safeguard your health.

The microbiome and your health

Our bodies contain ten times as many microbial cells as they do human cells. These microbes – primarily bacteria inhabiting our gastro-intestinal tract, urogenital tract, skin and even lungs – form our unique microbiome.

The delicate balance of the microbiome is disturbed by antibiotics that may kill mutualistic or good bacteria, in addition to destroying pathogens. This results in a dysbiotic state, i.e., imbalance of the microbiome. In this state, the natural, healthy functioning of the microbiome gets disrupted, allowing disease-causing bacteria to thrive and take over – this makes the body susceptible to potential reinfection. Another common consequence of the imbalance that antibiotics may cause in the microbiome is Antibiotic Induced Diarrhea – an indicator of overuse.

Keeping your microbiome healthy

Probiotics work by replacing the depleted good bacteria and promoting the increase of their populations, thereby restoring the balance.

The fresh batch of good bacteria provided by probiotics supports swift recovery, in turn limiting the scope for any residual disease-causing bacteria to regrow and cause infection. This combination of antibiotic and probiotic treatment trumps even the challenge of antibiotic resistance. Moreover, the speedy revival of good bacteria populations helps prevents the body from entering a dysbiotic state, and speeds up the process of recovery.

Lactovit Plus – The best friend for your antibiotic

Lactovit Plus is a probiotic co-prescription formulated to support the body’s microbiome in re-establishing healthy populations of good bacteria, which would otherwise be diminished over the course of antibiotic treatment. The probiotic bacteria in the formulation replace and revive populations of good bacteria while the Vitamin B complex component of the supplement ensures a steady supply of Vitamin B while the microbiome recovers enough to resume production.

Complement your antibiotic course with Lactovit Plus to insure yourself against antibiotic resistance and ease your way to a speedy recovery. Use Lactovit Plus twice a day, 2 hours after each antibiotic dose, and for a week after the course is over, to maintain a probiotic cover for the antibiotic power!

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