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The Human Microbiome Project launched by the United States National Institute of Health, helps us expand our understanding of the human genetic landscape. The initiative includes the study of microbes that reside in our human body, and how they contribute to our health and management of diseases. It is the work that has been done by the Human Microbiome Project that has paved the way for us at Velbiom Probiotics – India’s first exclusive probiotic company.


All of our products are put through intensive clinical testing and validation, to ensure we maintain the highest standards. We are also committed to research, and on the lookout for new approaches to probiotics, and ways to adapt them into daily living. To ensure symbiotic relationships, we have a widespread network of doctors and pharmacists across the country.

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We have gathered extensive scientific data to indicate the positive effects of microbes in the treatment of GI disorders, oral health, respiratory tract infections, urinary infections, allergies, dermatological conditions and most importantly for everyday wellness.