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Fab for the Jab

Fab for the Jab

Fab for the Jab

We won’t send yet another blog your way that tells you to take the vaccine (but here’s a quick reminder anyway – please do!) While you research which vaccine you should take, and look for hacks to register on the portal (count your small wins), here’s what we recommend you also think about – how you can get your body better prepared for the vaccine.

If we each got a rupee every time we heard or read the word “immunity”, we’d probably have enough to fund the vaccine drive across the country! But it still is the most important thing we have to think about before getting the jab.

Seventy percent of your body’s immunity is in the gut! And how can you get your gut to function optimally? We’re a probiotics company so you guessed right – probiotics!

What can probiotics do in addition to the other immune enhancers you are currently taking you ask? Once you get a shot of the vaccine, it is up to your immune system to dictate how it will react to it, and what level of anti-bodies it should produce. Probiotics can enhance your body’s immune response to the vaccine, and can enable the production of sufficient anti-bodies.

Cue fanfare – we would like to introduce you to a well-researched and tested product we have called Lactogut. Lactogut has the right strains of bacteria that your gut needs to carry out it’s function well.

We would also like to tell you about enKor-D – a probiotic that has the right strains of bacteria for your oral cavity. Along with addressing issues like cold, cough, and sore throat (definitely the wrong time to come down with any of these issues), enKor-D also acts as your first line of defence, giving your mouth the right kind of immunity it needs to fight away incoming pathogens.


– Probiotics help build your body’s immunity.
– Take enKor-D for your oral cavity, and Lactogut for your gut.
– Take them both for fifteen days before your jab, and for fifteen days after.
– Remember: do not delay taking the vaccine if you get a chance to.