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Fight pollution woes away, the Probiotics way!

Fight pollution woes away, the Probiotics way!

Fight pollution woes away, the Probiotics way!


If there is one thing that has become a part of our daily lives in the past few years, then it’s POLLUTION! Of the many types of prevailing pollutions, ‘Air pollution’ is amongst the most dangerous ones.

While big industries are in the limelight whenever we talk about air pollution, you will be surprised to know that you are also directly contributing to it!

Wait, What? How am I responsible for this?

According to a survey conducted by the AQI India, everyday cooking, cleaning, and other routine household activities generate significant levels of volatile and particulate chemicals inside the average home, leading to indoor air quality levels that are on par with a polluted major city.

Not just that, the research also suggests that VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds released by shampoos, perfumes, cleaning solutions are a great source of global atmospheric air pollution!1

How does this odourless VOC harm me?

While the effects might not be immediate, prolonged exposure to VOCs may cause irritation of eyes, fatigue, headache, cold, cough, sore throat, Asthma, and Cancer!

I wear a mask while I go out, isn’t that sufficient?

While the above methods may be superficially effective to some extent, we must be shielded from inside.

Recent research suggests that the microbiome in the lungs has a close resemblance to that of the oral cavity.

Does that mean any bacterial infection in the oral cavity might also mean harm to the lungs?

A research study by the University of Michigan2 suggests that there might be certain bacteria that might escape from the plaque through micro-aspiration and reach the lungs giving rise to a lot of lung diseases!

How can we protect ourselves?

Since it is established that the microbiome in the lungs bears a close resemblance with that of the oral cavity, we can focus on maintaining a healthy oral cavity which in turn contributes towards a healthy and strong respiratory system.

enKor-D not only helps you have good oral hygiene, but also helps you maintain good oral immunity and therefore prevents sore throat, cough, cold, etc. All you have to do is Sprinkle. Stay. Swish.


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