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Can probiotics help maintain urogenital health?

Can probiotics help maintain urogenital health?

Can probiotics help maintain urogenital health?


With the fast-paced life modern women lead, their focus on health often takes a backseat, especially intimate well-being.

Intimate health plays a significant role in maintaining the overall well-being of women. This Women’s Day, we focus on the importance of urogenital health and hygiene and how it can help women lead a healthier and more comfortable life.

Why is urogenital health important?

50% of women suffer from UTIs at least once in their lifetime1. While women of all ages are prone to urinary tract infections, there are certain risk factors that leave them more susceptible to it than others. Therefore, it is crucial for all women to maintain good hygiene, stay active and include probiotics in their daily life.

How do UTIs occur?

UTIs are one of the most common infections that affect women all over the world, and accounts for 8.1 million doctor visits annually2. They occur when bad bacteria or germs overpower the vaginal defence and enter into the urogenital tract. If you experience a burning sensation or discomfort while urinating, we recommend you see your physician immediately.

Luckily, UTIs can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics. However, while antibiotics are effective and provide quick relief, they erode the good bacteria in your vaginal tract. This leaves you vulnerable to recurring UTIs. Probiotics can help offset this by flooding your urogenital tract with good bacteria, thus ensuring you are always protected.

The wonder of oral probiotics

Oral probiotics have shown to be an easy and effective way to keep your vaginal environment healthy and mildly acidic. According to research by the Canadian Research and Development Centre for Probiotics, taking probiotics for two months, restores vaginal health to its prime. This is backed by a placebo-controlled study3 conducted by them among women suffering with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Women in the study who got the probiotics were cured from it and had their health restored very swiftly.


The probiotics that are taken as a co-prescription with antibiotics are site-specific in nature. They pass through the gut to reach the urogenital area. Probiotics in the urogenital tract limits the likelihood of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts to be able to overgrow, and protect you from diseases.

What does Lactogut UG do?

Lactogut UG is an all-in-all, multistrain urogenital probiotic that promotes optimal vaginal health. It effectively relieves women of bacterial vaginosis, recurrent UTIs and vaginal candidiasis. It can even optimise the birth canal for fertility treatments such as IVF.

This Women’s Day, let us take a pledge to focus on our health, and take better care of ourselves.


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