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How Bad Breath Occurs, And How To Beat It Naturally!

How Bad Breath Occurs, And How To Beat It Naturally!

How Bad Breath Occurs, And How To Beat It Naturally!

Most people need to manage stinky breath at some point in their lives. It is a common problem for both genders affecting more than 50% of the population. Breath problems can impact confidence at the workplace and relationships, and even signal medical issues such as gum disease. If you’ve been trying to combat bad breath, the first step is to understand the root cause.

Here’s the science behind bad breath, its health implications, and effective ways to combat the problem.

What is bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is characterised by an unpleasant smell in the mouth. Many factors contribute to this problem:

Poor oral hygiene: Suboptimal habits like not brushing properly or forgetting to floss can turn your oral cavity into a playground for anaerobic bacteria. And these pesky germs are quite serious when they get down to business. They produce volatile sulphur compounds by interacting with the food trapped in the teeth or mouth and produce a bad odour.

Certain foods: While your tastebuds might love foods with garlic and onion, or beverages such as coffee and alcohol, they aren’t necessarily your best friend when it comes to odour.

Tobacco products: Did you know the stuff in cigarettes can cause more harm than just in the long term? Chewing or smoking tobacco products can also cause bad breath.

Dry mouth: Saliva acts as a natural cleanser as it removes the food particles left behind in the mouth. In some cases (such as salivary gland disorder, use of certain medicine), saliva production decreases, leading to dry mouth. This dry mouth becomes the natural breeding ground for microbes and produces a foul smell.

Medical conditions: Gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, liver or kidney disorder, and respiratory infections may also cause halitosis.

What are the health repercussions of untreated bad breath?

The bacteria in the mouth may lead to tooth decay and gum diseases if bad breath is left untreated. These gum diseases may lead to conditions such as periodontitis which damages the gum tissue and cause tooth and bone loss around the teeth.

How do we beat bad breath naturally?

Whatever be the reason for bad breath, you can effortlessly deal with it in the following ways:

  • Practise good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day and change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. Always use a tongue scraper to clean the tongue as bacteria present on the tongue can lead to bad breath too.
  • Stop smoking or using tobacco products.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your mouth.

Products like mouthwashes temporarily wipe out the bacteria from the mouth without replenishing the binding site with good bacteria. Thus, good oral health can be achieved through probiotics. The key to preventing bad breath from the root is using enKor-D, India’s first and only probiotic for oral health and immunity.

How can enKor-D help?

enKor-D is a probiotic that is a scientifically formulated, a unique blend of 6 highly beneficial bacterial strains. It is designed to promote oral immunity by attacking the bad breath at its source. With the help of bacterial replacement therapy, good bacteria eliminate the harmful ones by attaching to the host cell receptors of the mouth. It offers many benefits:

  • It provides relief from cough, sore throat and bad breath as it floods the throat and mouth with good bacteria while crowding out the bad bacteria.
  • Additionally, it helps fight dental issues such as bleeding gums, cavities, and gum infections. It helps maintain upper respiratory tract health and also promotes dental health.
  • It is natural, vegan, and backed by science and extensive research.
  • It is sugar-free, and its refreshing minty taste is safe for pregnant women and diabetic people.
  • Further, it is easy to use as you just have to sprinkle the content of the sachet on your tongue and let the powder dissolve for 60 seconds. Then move it inside the mouth and swallow.

Bad breath puts you in an undesirable and embarrassing spotlight. Adding enKor-D to your daily oral care routine can prove a saviour from bad breath.